The Eastern Samar Community Blog

The first and only community blog about the province of Eastern Samar, Philippines. With news, literature and a lot more.

About is a community blog made by Eastern Samarenos for Eastern Samarenos (also known as Estehanons). It is the first of its kind in the province of Eastern Samar, Philippines.

Its aim is to provide an avenue for Estehanons to read and share news, literary pieces, and other things that are related to the province.

As a community blog, its content comes from its visitors who send in their content contributions.

But aside from content contributions from visitors, a lot of the content also come from the team behind the blog. They are the people who have showed their willingness to share their time to contribute regularly to the blog. They are the following:

Ced Solidon – started the blog. He currently works as a freelance writer. Aside from that, he also maintains a writing blog, Write Like a Rock Star! He loves to read books and play music.

Medora Quirante – is a mass comm senior. In between classes and political discussions she scours local surplus shops for cheap but precious finds. She also loves to take pictures. Her blog can be found here.

Lance AC Acampado – is a loving husband and dedicated father. A former cadet, an ex-seminarian and a youth minister. Presently serving the City Government of Borongan and contributes to the Eastern Samar Reporter, a local paper published by the EV Mail based in Ormoc City. He also maintains a personal blog which can be found here.

Fhen Macabasag – is a well-rounded Boronganon. He loves reading nationalist literature and Philippine history books. Writing poems, essays, and journals is his main hobby during leisure time; and scrolling down socially-relevant web sites and blogs is another. He has a blog on this page.

John Docena Simborios – Tubignon ha Esti han Samar, Paragsiday (poet), president of the KAMAREO (Katig-Uban han mga Magsusurat ha Rehiyon Otso), Journalist, Former Student Leader. He likes to talk on nationalism and idealism.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this website are strictly those of the author, contributor or commenter.

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